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Natural, water and home biths including vaginal births after caesarean (VBAC)

Obstetrics is pregnancy care. This not only includes delivery but the period thereafter up to 6 weeks. Every parent is different as is every baby. Our role is to help every parent, mothers and fathers alike in deciding what to do to find the best way to enjoy this amazing experience. If you should discover you are pregnant please contact us. Feel free to drop by our main office or e-mail us at our website. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Being pregnant is a wonderful and normal physiological condition. There is no need to worry! First, an initial check-up will be done. Then routine tests will be performed; some may be done more than once. Finally, the doctor will constantly keep you updated regarding your pre-natal condition. It is your right to have the information and assistance you require. Including having your partner with you throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Pre-natal classes are recommended in order to learn how to do special exercises and to take care of your new arrival. *Classes are available also in English at our centres. Natural, water, and home births are all natural methods of assistance during labour and childbirth. No medical interference is used unless it is needed. Technical skills are applied taking in consideration of course the intimate moment shared by the couple’s new arrival. Birth can be assisted in water or in a squatting position at the hospital or at home; the mother to-be decides where. Preparing for a natural birth is an exciting experience! Women appreciate this method because they benefit by rediscovering their natural instincts in labour and delivery. The hospital labour room is especially made to provide privacy and comfort, so that new Mums can move freely around and change position either from the pool to the chair or to the large bed. We feel that no medical interference should be used unless an emergency should occur. If the use of drugs or surgical procedures is necessary, it is discussed with the couple whose views are both considered and respected well in advance of the due date of the delivery. Our aim is to give the couple a natural experience of birth keeping the role of medicine as a means of support only. Our Centres are one of the few here in Italy who perform Vaginal births after caesareans or VBAC as they are most commonly known. Our percentage of caesarean births is about 4%. The World Health Organization, (WHO) recommends between 4-12%. The average in Italy is about 25% compared to other regions in the country that are increasing up to 70%. Our Centres have the lowest percentage of cesarean births while keeping up with WHO standards. Our Centres have 90% of VBAC success. We believe our techniques assist a natural event.


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