Home birth is arousing much interest in Europe and, therefore, knowledge of the technical assistance has recently entered into the official courses of midwifery training. The decision of the couple must be particularly accurate, especially in psychological terms, in order to establish the real will to follow a choice which is certainly safe, but that must be well determined. From the clinical perspective, pregnancy is monitored with the help of regular examinations required by the Protocol, devoting attention to the period after the physiological term, though without abandoning the birth at home even after the end of the forty weeks. The house must be known to those who provide assistance and tools must be filed/deposited two weeks before the delivery deadline. Assistance to labour should be conducted by trained personnel and with the help of partogram; when CTG is necessary, it is more appropriate to use telemetry, which does not prevent the mobility of the woman. The position of labor and delivery are free. Where there is demand or need for internal pediatric and anaesthesiologic care, the specialists can arrange themselves in an adjoining room and perform inspections and treatments when necessary. If the pediatrician is not present at birth, the examination will be made within the first day.

parto a domicilio