Gynecology is the medical branch dedicated to all aspects of a women’s life. Each woman is unique because of her individual issues and expectations. The doctor’s role is to give confidence, respect, and a sense of privacy. Starting with adolescence to post-menopause, having good health means that every woman has regular check-ups, doctor recommendations, and overall preventative care year after year. A gynecological examination also includes an accurate follow-up discussion so that full advice and support are given. This is why we feel that the minimum length of time for a consultation is one hour. A list of family, medical, social and personal history is part of the initial consultation. A lot of useful data can be obtained by focusing on these details. Many doctors use a questionnaire; others compile individual notes, highlighting important details. A regular annual examination is recommended as part of a routine check-up for every woman up to the age of 40 and a check-up every 6 months thereafter. The treatment includes endocrinology, contraception, and various diagnostic tests, including gynecological surgery, urology, and breast care. Menopause management is also included. We Aim to care for a woman’s needs but most of all guaranteeing her safety and well-being.

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